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Tree Care

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Tree Care

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A Selection of Our Services

Tree trimming and pruning

Removal of dead or diseased branches, shaping for aesthetic purposes, and improving tree health.

Tree removal

Cutting down and removal of trees that pose a safety hazard, are dead or dying, or are in the way of construction projects.

Stump grinding

Removal of the stump left after a tree has been removed.

Hedge trimming

Regular hedge trimming can help promote dense and healthy foliage, prevent overgrowth, and maintain an attractive appearance for your landscape.

Disease and pest management

Preventing and treating diseases and pests that can harm trees

Cabling and bracing

Reinforcing trees to prevent damage from heavy branches or strong winds.

Our ExpertiseReasons to Choose Brentwood Tree Care for Your Tree Care Needs

Professionalism and Expertise: Brentwood Tree Care employs certified arborists who have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to provide safe and effective tree care services. They use the latest techniques and technology to ensure that your trees receive the best possible care.
Comprehensive Services: Brentwood Tree Care offers a wide range of tree care services, from trimming and pruning to removal, stump grinding, fertilization, and disease and pest management. They can also provide consulting services to help you make informed decisions about your trees.
Customer Satisfaction: Brentwood Tree Care is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and ensuring that their clients are satisfied with the work they do. They offer competitive pricing and strive to exceed their clients' expectations on every job.

Transform Your Landscape with Professional Tree Care Services

Popular Tree Care Solutions

Brentwood Tree Care is a professional tree care company that provides a wide range of services to maintain the health, safety, and beauty of trees. From tree trimming and pruning to removal, stump grinding, fertilization, disease and pest management, and consulting, Brentwood Tree Care has the knowledge, skills, and equipment needed to care for trees safely and effectively. The company’s certified arborists are trained to provide expert tree care services for residential and commercial properties.

Brentwood Tree Care understands the importance of regular tree maintenance and management in preventing safety hazards and ensuring that trees remain healthy and attractive. With their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, Brentwood Tree Care is the ideal choice for anyone seeking professional tree care services.

Consulting services

Providing advice on tree selection, planting, and maintenance.

Root management

Ensuring proper root growth and development to maintain tree stability and health.

Lightning protection

Installation of a system to protect trees from lightning strikes.

Tree Transplanting

This service involves relocating a tree from one location to another. It can be a difficult process and requires special equipment and expertise. This service is often used when a tree needs to be saved from construction or when a property owner wants to relocate a tree for aesthetic purposes.

Emergency services

24/7 availability for emergency tree care, such as storm damage or fallen trees.

Grounds maintance

Grounds maintenance refers to the ongoing upkeep and care of a property's outdoor areas. It includes tasks such as lawn mowing, weed control, pruning, mulching, and seasonal cleanups. Regular grounds maintenance helps to keep a property looking neat and attractive, while also promoting healthy growth and preventing safety hazards.

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